Aurora, US, 1975. A small, American city, an (un)famous 35-years old writer seeking inspiration for his next book and a 15-years old cute girl. A love affair between the two and a murder. Should I say more? This book presents a taboo subject, the love of 35-years old Harry Quebert and underage Nola Kellergan, who […]

If you call yourself a geek then you have to read this one! “The unknowns” is a story of love and friendship in the age of dotcom. Eric is a typical 25 years old talented computer programmer who had the chance to grow up in San Francisco at the dotcom bubble era. He is a […]

 Do yourselves a favor and watch this incredible movie! Pure beauty from beginning to end, with a perfect mixture of  dreams, romance and history, all appearing in this masterpiece by Hayao Miyazaki, co-founder of the Studio Ghibli. This is the real story of Jiro Horikoshi, an aircraft engineer who worked for Mitsubishi during the second […]

I have decided to dedicate today’s post to someone I barely know, but whom I would be honored to call my friend. I met C. 11 years ago, during the first year of my under-grad studies. We met in a bus, on the way to the university campus, and it didn’t take much to realize […]

Or simply, Siri Hustvedt at her best. My first encounter with this masterpiece took place two years ago, through my Kindle. It was a love at first paragraph. Last month I re-read it, but this time in paper, the real thing. Nostalgia, or ‘the pain of homecoming’, as would be the exact translation of the […]

Back in 1830, Agnes Magnusdottir, a woman in her thirties, was beheaded for the murder of two men in Northern Iceland. More recently, in 2002, Hannah Kent, an exchange student from Australia in her late teens, visited the same place and was moved by the story of Agnes. When Hannah had to choose a topic […]

Let me start by this. I am a fan of Allende. I have read twice the House of Spirits and it now figures among my favorite novels. I have enjoyed the City of Beasts and dreamed at nights of Eva Luna. To be honest, I didn’t expect Maya’s Notebook to be that strong, but still, […]

Lots of my book-friends claim to dislike short stories, with the most common complaint being that it takes more than 20-30 pages to get them hooked and going. The second most common complaint is that even if you get hooked with a short story and start craving for more, it soon ends, giving space to […]

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